Nov 17-18 BPAC

The US FDA has announced a meeting of the Blood Products Advisory Committee (BPAC). The Committee will: 1) discuss strategies to manage iron deficiency associated with blood donation; 2) discuss proposed procedures for assuring donor safety for collections of blood from female donors with hemoglobin values of 12.0-12.4g/dL or a hematocrit value between 36 and 38; 3) discuss adverse reactions related to blood donation in teenage (16 to 18 years) donors, and the effectiveness of several mitigation measures; 4) hear an informational session on Zika virus and blood safety in the US; and 5) hear presentations on the following topics: 1) The Transfusion Transmissible Infections Monitoring System; 2) a summary of the FDA workshop on new methods to predict the immunogenicity of therapeutic coagulation proteins; and 3) a summary of the FDA workshop on preclinical evaluation of red blood cells for transfusion.

See the FDA announcement